Busduct designs are most important as busduct have much less volume of air dissipation compared to P.C.C. Busduct is an important link to feed power from transformer. L.T. side to the PCC inconer.


  • Bus Duct upto 6000A with copper/Aluminium bus bars supported on DMC/SMC support.

  • Bus bar with Heat shrinkable Sleeves.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Duty, Separate Adapted Earthing at both End with space heaters & Earth bus.


  • Non-segregated/segregated /Isolated phase, cross over-chamber, vertical /horizontal

  • Bus-duct calculation for designing carrying conductor, heating effects, thermal effects, electro dynamic force, voltage drop

  • Skin & proximity effects in the terms of bus-bar reactant

  • Low volt product & medium voltage products having insulator support capacity should be 2.5kv & 11kv respectively with high tensile fastener for bus bar joints & copper flexible