Medium and high frequency, water cooled capacitor are specially designed and manufactured for induction heating and melting applications. Manufactured against specific orders,

and tailor-made to suit the specific requirement of the customer. These products employ the rich experience and technology acquired by us over the past many years. Capacitors are housed in aluminium casing. Capacitor elements are wound with Corona ring design, edge and end folding of the electrode (aluminium foil) is done during the winding process. This feature greatly reduces the possibility of corona discharge and increases partial discharge inception voltage (PDIV) levels. End soldering of the foil ensures firm electrical and mechanical contact and achieves drastically low losses. Capacitor elements are wound with high purity imported aluminium foil as electrode, hazy BOPP film as dielectric medium. Capacitors are vacuum impregnated with NON PCB fluids having very high heat transfer coefficient characteristics thereby ensuring low operating power losses and longer life due to low heat generation.