We offer the trouble free automated power factor control system at 11/33 kv. The system also protects the power factor from leading the desired value.

Depending on the load pattern the autorecloser automatically adjust the capacitor bank switching. The power factor can be controlled based on the desired value of current and power factor. The feedback at reclosure is provided by Current relay/APFC relay.

A current sensing relay is connected to CT which gives the feedback to the reclosure depending on the load variation. The reclosure in turn control the switching of the capacitor bank depending upon the desired value of the current.

An apfc relay is also provided in the system . this relay directly monitors the power factor and accordingly gives the feedback to the reclosure for controlling the power factor.If the pf is lagging the desired value ,then ht capacitors are automatically switched ON.


  • Intelligent KVAR based switching

  • Friendly user interface

  • Easy to install

  • Available in 4 to 16 stages (available stages 4 ,6 ,8,12,,14,16)

  • Accuracy Class 1

  • Switching Program: Intelligent (Best fit )

  • HT CT sensing for HT applications