Capacitor Bank shall be controlled by a suitable SF6 circuit breaker for switching in and out the respective capacitor stage, according to the capacitive demand required by the system operating conditions to maintain the Power Factor 0.99. Panel consists of HT APFC Relay, Vacuum Contactor, HT Reactor, RVT or NCT, Capacitors Bank. Short Circuit, Earth Fault Protection in panel.


  • As per IS: Non Self Healing Type, 13925part – I/1998/IEC Standard

Rated Output

  • 80 MVAR & Max

Voltage Range

  • 3.3 Kv to 11 Kv


    All polypropylene (APP) film dielectric consist of polypropylene in the form of biaxial oriented film, hazy on both sides

  • Voltage Regulation

  • Reducing Line Losses

  • High Dielectric Strength

  • Easy Handling & Suitable Mounting

  • Outdoor/Indoor Type

  • HRC Fuse system


  • Induction Furnace

  • Induction Motor

  • Power Transformer

  • Power Plant

  • Cement Industries

  • Nuclear Power Plant

  • Utility Companies