Electrical Turnkey Projects

We are Licensed Electrical Contractors and undertake turnkey projects of electrical installations including the deign engineering, manufacturing, supply and installation of illumination systems. Our area of specialization is illumination of Hydro electric power stations, TPS, and AC and DC switchyards along with control room.

Turnkey Electrical Project contractor undertaking turnkey projects of Electrical Installations including Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning for EHV Sub-stations & Transmission Line up to 400 KV, Power Distribution, Electrification work, Substation automation etc. for Power co-generation projects, Hydro power projects, Wind Power Projects, Huge industrial projects etc.

Illumination design, manufacturing supply and Erection testing and commissioning of

  • GIS Substation

  • AIS Substation (765/400/200 Kv)

  • Facade Lighting

  • Hydroelectric Power Station

  • Thermal Power Station

  • Sports Lighting

  • All types of electrical turnkey projects pertaining to the organisation experise such as platform lighting, warehouse lighting.

  • Dam & Barrage lighting