Power Quality has become one of the important and highly known and discussed problem in the current scenario in all over the world. This is mainly due to the increase application of AC/DC Drives, UPS and other wave chopping equipment, which pollutes the network with Harmonics, reactive power and unbalance. This causes increase in loading on power system, reduction of system efficiency and problems in the network. This also causes increase in Green-house gases resulting in Global warming. Usha Power active filters uses state of the art IGBT (Integrated Gate Bipolar Transistor) based technology.

Applications Overview:

nstantaneous step less power electronics based dynamic compensator for reactive power (power factor) and unbalanced loads (<1 cycle response time)

  • For inductive and capacitive loads
  • For highly fluctuating loads
  • For industrial loads fed by weak networks
  • For three phase and single phase applications
  • Suitable for LV networks and MV networks with step-up transf

Key Benefits:

  • Improves the reliability of existing capacitor banks under dynamic condition • Reduces system losses and carbon footprint - lowers environmental impact
  • Reduces maintenance need and enhances life of electrical installations
  • Easy installation & commissioning
  • Easy and convenient operation with touch screen interface
  • No risk for harmonic amplif

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