Heavy Duty Double Dielectric [MKP Capacitor]

Self Healing Capacitors with low losses Metalized Polypropylene Dielectric without liquid impregnates. They have an over pressure disconnection system that discounts the Capacitor in case of any internal failure.


  • Self Healing Type, IS 13340/13341/IEC: 60831-1

Voltage Range:

  • 5 To 25 kVAr For 415/440V/525V/650 V AC, 50Hz, 3Ph


  • Fixed PF. Correction
  • Automatic P.F. Correction
  • Harmonic Filter System
  • Dynamic PFC systems


  • Metalized Polypropylene (MKP) Film Design. + Heavy Edge Metallised Multi layer MPP Film. + Box Type [Mild Steel]
  • Pressure Disconnector to Internal Elements + Better heat dissipation
  • Explosion proof design (Over pressure Disconnecto + Low losses due to advanced winding and zinc spray equipments.
  • Weather Proof
  • Powder Coating Design
  • Jelly impregnate for proper cooling + Low weight and compact volume + Working Expectancy Life 150,000 hrs


  • Inductive Loads, Steel Plants, Textiles, Cement Industries, Building Complexes, APFC Panels, Harmonic Filter Panels etc.Cement Industries

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